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Sep 11

September 11th: Our 17th Wedding Anniversary

Although 17 years have passed since we got married, some aspects of our relationship will never change, they just become stronger through the time we spent together. Our wedding was 17 years ago, the celebration continues to this day. I publish this post every year on September 11, to remind me to keep perspective and to celebrate …

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Sep 04

The Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics Foundation Expands to Help a Community in Need


Hall of Fame Gymnast, Wendy Hilliard, wants to provide low-cost sports to inner-city residents in Detroit by Brittany Dandy Wendy Hilliard, hall of fame rhythmic gymnast and the founder of the Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics Foundation (WHGF), recently announced her organization’s expansion from Harlem to Detroit, Michigan, where she and her team hope to help a community in need. The Detroit, …

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Aug 05

Keith Owens Named Sr. Editor of the Michigan Chronicle


I can’t imagine a better time to be senior editor of the Michigan Chronicle. I’ve been a journalist for nearly 30 years, working as a reporter, editorial writer, columnist, and blogger. In Detroit, where I have spent the past 22 years of my life, I have worked for the Detroit Free Press on the editorial …

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Jul 24

Let’s Celebrate Detroit’s 314th Birthday!


We are glad to celebrate today Detroit’s 314th birthday. And we couldn’t find a better way to celebrate it than writing a new post for our readers. And yes! You guessed it; this post will be dedicated to our beloved hometown. We will share some curious facts and history that will remind us why our …

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Apr 14

EM Orr: Punitive Policies AGAIN


Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr is ready to present another backwards-thinking policy that will NOT boost revenues for Detroit, but instead will punish people who live, work, and most importantly visit our great city.  Presently, if you receive an expired parking meter ticket, the cost is $20, but that fee is reduced to $10 if …

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Mar 13

Happy #313DLove Day, #Detroit!


The City of Detroit was founded in 1701, 313 years ago by Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac, a French fur trader and explorer.               Today is March 13.                   The Area Code to call anyone in Detroit is “313”. …

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Feb 28

February 28th, 1952: Coleman A. Young

On this day in 1952, Coleman A. Young testifies before the U.S. House Un-American Activities Committee, a controversial congressional unit hell bent on identifying and rooting out communist sympathizers in America during the Cold War Era. The feisty labor activist becomes one of the first witnesses to confront the committee, described by some as rouge …

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Feb 11

February 11th, 1991: Dave Bing

On this day in 1991, former The Detroit Pistons great Dave Bing is honored during a star-packed benefit event for the International Sports Hall of Fame and Gallery. The affair, held at Cobo Convention Center, is attended by former Motown Records legend Martha Reeves, current Detroit Pistons Isiah Thomas and James Edwards, Mayor Coleman A. Young, and former world heavyweight …

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Feb 10

Belle Isle to Become a Michigan State Park


After over a century of multiple owners, the City of Detroit purchased Belle Isle (named after the daughter of Lewis Cass, Michigan’s first territorial governor) in 1879. The City hired Frederick Law Olmsted, who designed Central Park in New York City, to provide similar design services for Belle Isle Park. Only some of Olmsted’s plans …

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Feb 04

Tuesday Tidbits: Famous People from Detroit

There are 701,475 people who call Detroit home, more than Seattle, Boston, Las Vegas or DC. We have listed some famous people that you had no idea were from Detroit. Ready? Dean Cain He was born in Mount Clemens, but he grew up in Detroit, until he and his family moved to Los Angeles.  Cain graduated …

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