Apr 14

EM Orr: Punitive Policies AGAIN

Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr is ready to present another backwards-thinking policy that will NOT boost revenues for Detroit, but instead will punish people who live, work, and most importantly visit our great city. 

Presently, if you receive an expired parking meter ticket, the cost is $20, but that fee is reduced to $10 if you pay the ticket within 7 days. Mr. Orr wants to increase the regular expired fee to $45.00, which would increase to $65.00 within a short time. The EM posits that this will increase revenues for Detroit by punishing people who have expired meters.

Instead, such a policy will cause people, especially visitors, to think twice about coming to Detroit, and more people who do get tickets will not pay such exoribant fees. Many more tickets will go unpaid, and far fewer people will visit Detroit. Those who us who live and work in Detroit already pay higher fees for just about everything as it is; yet Mr. Orr thinks it is a good idea to make us pay even more.

This is a backwards-thinking policy and de-incentivzes people to park in Detroit to live, work, shop, or attend events.

People should make their voices heard at a public hearing today, Monday, April 14, 2014, at 3pm at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Builiding downtown.