Oct 24

Hamtramck’s (Revolver)

Hamtramck’s concept restaurant (revolver), is officially open since October 4th, and with a very chaotic opening weekend, both Peter Dalinowski and Tunde Wey have nothing but energy and passion to make great things happen.


After having the ground catch fire and realizing they had underestimated the amount of time everything would take, Peter and Tunde had a wonderful opening weekend, with a few very interesting behind-the-scenes stories. According to both Peter and Tunde, they are actually very complementary, “Our abilities and what we’re good at fit like puzzle pieces” says Peter when refering to the subject.

In Peter’s words: “The first seating on Friday didn’t even seem real to me, but the second one, it got dark, it was full of so many friends, it was chill, everything was like clockwork, and it was like “wow, this is amazing”!”

Peter and Tunde’s Revolver is a placewhere “We’re not casual to where we’re sloppy, but not formal to where it’s stiff”, making it the perfect place to bring a first date, or your best friend. Also, they are much occupied with their dream work-environment where everyone within feels like part of something importa

If you are in Detroit, don’t forget to go visit this awesome place!nt.