Jan 13

Monday Milestone: Mary Barra Named GM CEO

Mary Barra, 1st Female CEO of General Motors Corporation--2014

Mary Barra, 1st Female CEO of General Motors Corporation–2014

Mary Barra, a native of Waterford, Michigan, who now resides in Novi, Michigan with her husband and two children, has been named as the first-ever female CEO of General Motors, or any other major automotive company.

Ms. Barra, 51, whose father worked in a GM Pontiac plant, started working at GM herself at age 18 to make extra money for college.

After graduating from college with a degree in electrical engineering, Ms. Barra, moved up the ranks at GM, most recently as Sr. Vice President for Global Product Development, where she ensured that all GM vehicles were equipped with state of the art electronics.

Ms. Barra is a strong proponent of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and technology) education for all students, but especially for girls.

General Motors Corporation is headquartered in the City of Detroit, Michigan.



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