Sep 11

September 11th: Our 17th Wedding Anniversary

Although 17 years have passed since we got married, some aspects of our relationship will never change, they just become stronger through the time we spent together. Our wedding was 17 years ago, the celebration continues to this day.

I publish this post every year on September 11, to remind me to keep perspective and to celebrate the day with a love story.  This year, in honor of Nick Ashford, I am adding the video of “Solid as a Rock”, because that describes the relationship between my husband and me, even after after 26 years of love and friendship.

Our September 11th 

September 11, 1998.That is our wedding anniversary. It was chosen totally by accident: after “being friends” for over ten years, we decided in August 1997, to “take our relationship to the next level”. After several rounds of “telephone tag”, we made a date on Thursday, September 11, 1997 to take “the big step”…Everything went well and in February 1998, we became engaged.We chose as our wedding date, Friday, September 11, 1998–only because that date was exactly one year from the day we decided to make our relationship permanent. Besides, our wedding was very small: 10 guests, the minister, and our favorite Patti LaBelle song on CD. Then came 2001–after experiencing the shock along with the rest of America, I was kinda “bummed” that the Attacks happened on our third wedding anniversary, until…on Thursday, September 13, 2001, I saw a gentleman on TV walking around and around the Pentagon looking totally despondent and lost. I found out from the TV commentary that September 11 2001 was his TWENTY-FIFTH wedding anniversary, and he had lost his wife in the Pentagon. They were going to have a celebration dinner that night after she came home from work…of course, she never did come home. I was never “bummed” again; and the picture of that lost and broken man will never leave me.

Ashford and Simpson: “Solid as a Rock”