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Jan 09

Detroit Public Schools Teacher Responds to Emergency Manager Comments


Mr. Darnell Earley was appointed in January 2013 as the “Emergency Manager” (EM) of the Detroit Public Schools (DPS) by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R). If the name “Darnell Earley” sounds familiar, it may be because Mr. Earley was also appointed by Gov. Snyder to be the EM of the City of Flint Michigan; it …

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Apr 29

Using Michigan Public School $$ to Support Private Schools


So Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R) is throwing even more support to his state-run and state-wide (meaning in Detroit only) school district, the Educational Achievement Authority (EAA). It was revealed just last week that the EAA schools can’t make payroll or pay their vendors or basic expenses, so money was secretly “loaned” to the EAA …

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